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Competency Based Curriculum

Thorpe Hall's Competency Based Curriculum

The Competency Based Curriculum runs parallel to mainstream subject teaching and is designed to create robust and independent learners. You can download a full description under the Download tab

1. Communication. Pupils learn about the central importance of communication, manipulation of language, grammar and structure both written and spoken. They are also made aware of the importance of non-verbal communication and body language.

2. Independent Learning. Pupils learn about the importance of being able to learn in a self-supported way without the assistance of adults. Emphasis is placed on the ability to research, draft and re-draft.

3. Reasoning. Pupils learn about the place reasoning has in problem solving and understanding new areas of learning.

4. Consideration for Others. Ethical behaviour is essential if each pupil is going to be able to make the most of the learning opportunities in every lesson. Pupils learn to regulate their own behaviour because they understand the importance of sharing and collaboration. Whilst competition is encouraged on the Sports field it is cooperation that leads the way in the classroom.

5. Learning Platform. Underpinning everything a pupil does at school is the ability to organise themselves successfully. They learn to understand the importance of having all their school equipment with them, to hand their work in on time and meet deadlines.

6. Emotional Awareness. The school gives due emphasis to the importance of self-awareness. Pupils gain an understanding of what motivates them and how to sustain concentration.

Put together the competencies create the acronym C.I.R.C.L.E and all Thorpe Hall pupils are encouraged to learn this acronym and its meaning.

Click here to download a full version of the Competency Based Curriculum in PDF format