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Out of this World Science Lesson with Tim Peake Live from Space

ESA Astronaut Tim Peake led an inspirational science lesson via a live broadcast from the International Space Station. Teachers and students from Year 8 joined the 'Cosmic Classroom'.

The event took place at 14:00 on Feb 2nd and lasted an hour, with Dr Kevin Fong presenting the live broadcast from the World Museum in Liverpool. Mrs Hasna Tufal, Science teacher at Thorpe Hall School said: "On any other day we would be teaching the class about the planets, lack of gravity and how objects orbit in space. Today we linked with Tim Peake live from the International Space Station and let him SHOW our classes the weightlessness, how water behaves in space, why the human heart beats slower. It was an incredible opportunity and a very emotional experience. I'm not sure who was more excited, the children or the staff"'