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Andrew Hampton Elected Chair of ISA

Thorpe Hall’s Headteacher, Andrew Hampton, was elected Vice Chair of the Independent Schools Association (ISA) in May of this year. He will become the Chair of ISA in September 2014 for one year.

This honorary position reflects his career in ISA schools spanning 26 years, nine years as a Headteacher. Mr. Hampton explains more about the post and the implications for the school. “I have represented the East Anglian Region of ISA for the last four years and it is an honour now to be part of the leadership of the Association. It is important to state that these are honorary posts and therefore not paid, and indeed, the expectation is that the workload will not impact on my ability to continue to be an effective Head. The Governors were keen to let me perform these roles over the next few years because of the kudos it brings to Thorpe Hall, the professional development it provides for me and because there is much to be learned from other professionals leading and shaping the independent education sector. The Honorary Offices of ISA are involved in representing the independent education sector as a whole, particularly in consulting with the Department for Education. When the Department wishes to make changes to our examination systems, child protection procedures, teachers’ pay or any number of things, they talk to the independent sector along with other sectors equally. This gives me the chance not only to influence events at national level but also to gain an acute understanding of how education is being steered. This deep knowledge helps put my finger on the pulse of what lies ahead, out there in the bigger forum, and enhances my leadership skills for running Thorpe Hall.”